Cardio Vascular Systems and Skelie-gogs

Over the weekend I was still piled under my own research looking for different avenues to take our project brief: ‘Natural Pattern’. A particular plant took my interest however it was difficult to sketch without losing the main delicacy and information. The blossom reminded me or brain stems or nerves, this made me think of memories and connections made in the brain.
Re-Put something back together

This was also difficult to document; from there I was led to the cardio vascular system in human anatomy. As I had already been interested in structure it seemed to fitting to look at the structure of the spine.

Monday 19th September we went to Kelvingrove to further our investigation in a hope to find some source of enlightenment. After sketching as many skeletal structures I could find I was lead to horned animal skulls mounted on the wall; this automatically rang bells. Alexander McQueen! The guru of combining the natural world and fashion, his collection Savage beauty displayed several horned shoulders and tribal/nature inspired designs.

Struggling for things to be interested in I was lead upstairs to look at butterfly cases, this seemed like an obvious choice for natural pattern and colour but it was a good opportunity for delicate sketches/paintings. Throughout these sketches and looking further into the detail of the wings I saw similarities between the shape of the wings and the pelvis of a human skeleton.

 As a different way of showing the complexity of the structures I adopted a quilling technique to create interesting line within the shape.

Quilling was fun but horribly time-consuming,


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