Looking for inspiration..

Following our trip to Edinburgh botanic gardens I began on a rampage of research to find a theme relating to what I had discovered in the undergrowth. The majority of sketches I had produced throughout the day were heavily inspired by structure; paying attention to the different stems which shed their primary leaves in comparison with consistent regenerating leaves or nodes. From these sketches I experimented and developed the image with various drawing techniques, focussing on bleeding colour/paint and drawing in the detail with a fine liner.

Investigation of wood grain.

 During the trip I also took an interest in the weathered and understated plants, one particular leaf beckoned me to recreate or draw-with-fabric. Not as a developed sample, just thinking of ways to transpose the image into a textile design.

This sample was created in relation to distressed inverted lily pad like leaves; this effect was created by using water soluable fabric sewn into the fabric then washed and loosely dyed.

These samples are taken from the image at the top of the page, the first sample is also achieved using water soluable fabric, the second sample is loose knitted detail stitched on the back of a structured piece of scrap fabric then both dyed.

Despite not wanting to use a floral theme, I decided to broaden my foundation of research by including some small investigations and also a small fabric sample.

Painted fabric on wadding with stitched in detail to show folds and texture.


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