Change by Design in Sunny Dunny

As Friday’s go, today was quick and painless! Had a lecture with Johnathan for Change by Design. I was curious as to why we were to bring starburst sweets but thinking of how we are to change our way of thinking I assumed it was to do with colour association. Thankfully the lecture was a lot more interesting and in-depth, there was a consistent flow of interesting information which kept me intrigued throughout.

The main topic which caught my attention was not just blogging but how to network, our guest speaker spoke about how experience and how networking forwarded her in her academic career. She answered my question, how to gain followers, well and in terms I understood. Talk to people, comment on other people’s blogs to grab their attention and interest them enough to look at my own, other ways are to use tags in my posts which will appear in google searches.

Another point about conversation was made, redundant and entropic phrases – redundantĀ  being how you phrase a sentence/question with whistles and bells – entropic, the main reasoning and point of key information. As well as being amusing the comparison between Chinese and English language was an eye opener. The example given was an english question;
‘Are you gaining weight?’
Chinese phrasing translates as;
‘You fat’.
Following this I found myself noticing the small graces I add to my sentences to put others are ease for example I will call a friend; my dear, my love, sunshine etc, some people in the past have found these to be diminutive terms and seeming patronising as opposed to the good intentions of which I use them. In future I should be more careful with my redundant chat!

This afternoon I crashed a Product design induction for woodwork, I thought it was excellent, the facilities, the lecturers and materials. Made me upset and jealous that I’d probably not get the opportunity to use them.. Since I am doing a project on natural pattern I thought it would be valuable to investigate natural and man-made materials like those found in a wood and ceramics workshop. Note to self: find an excuse to do wood work – Change by design? I could make a…


Might resemble something like a wooden/iron maiden.

Brainstorming workshop to round off the day, we were set into groups and I met people I would be working with over the coming weeks, little intimidating but a learning curve will have to be conquered as far as pubic group work is concerned. The tasks set were to brain storm fast a furiously about random topics just to break the ice.. All in all enjoyable to meet new people who have similar interests. I have a brief to read over regarding 3D objects, seems vague but the best briefs are so you can interpret them in your own way.

First attempt using post-its: everyone jots down ideas and sticks them to a board.

One person scribes the whole brain storm while poeple fire off ideas no matter how ridiculous.


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