Rockin’ the print lab

Yet another print workshop done! And another workshop success. Today I mixed my own dye with the lovely David Ramsey and it was great fun, not just for the charming aprons.

I found if difficult remembering everything Norrie had told us in the induction but everything came swimming back thanks to the helpful instructions posted all over the walls. I mixed 400ml DS Acid dye with 2% strength (1% Violet, 1% Scarlet).

These to make this!

I remembered where all the boats, floats and goats were kept and tidied after myself but the most fun was mixing it all together.

Starting by measuring out all of my components then following the 3 simple steps to glory! Mix the Dye (4g) with Glyezin BC (16ml) and urea (8g) until there are no grains and you have reached a comfortable consistency before adding boiling water (80ml). Continue stirring while marvelling at your very pretty colour in a beaker or your bought tub.

Measure out your indalca (140ml) without making too much of a sticky mess, it has the same consistency as honey but I’m pretty sure it’s not edible. Then finally mix your ammonium sulphate (Thank you David for point out I was in the wrong cupboard)  with  boiling water (20ml).
Mix all together, without licking the spoon, and you have a pot of your very own DS acid dye.

Much fun especially when there’s a camera involved xD

Big thanks you to David for the images.


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