The Future can be invented..?

Our second speaker of Friday 13/10  was Professor Mike Press, completely awe-inspiring legend. Following on the theme of being outside the box and how to not limit possibility he began his talk with Isambard Kingdon Brunel. After a silent response to the obvious question what did he do, he proceeded to tell us about the rail line connecting LONDON(?) and Bristol which he built; what makes this track different from any other rail line? It’s completely flat and also uses the longest tunnel in the Uk. Professor Mike point was that it was an incredible feat of engineering but why go through all the difficulty making it flat? Why no minor inclines or trenches? -The concept was for the traveler to be ‘floating over the landscape’. Rather than thinking small, easy, cost efficient he thought with limitless ambition -BIG.

He continued with discussing William Morris the Father of the Arts and Crafts movement, mentioning how he aimed to answer the question;
How do you create an alternative model of day-to-day living?

From talking about how William Morris gave people work in creative practice and an alternative -Arts and Crafts.

I wrote so many notes during this lecture I was too intimidated to write it all up incase I got something wrong. 28 pages of me trying to keep up with this man’s awesome thread of thought.. Impossible to recreate without losing the enthusiasm. Not bad for a fan of Steve Jobs.

Sorry Mike Press I am only human, and not a very good one either.


One response to “The Future can be invented..?

  1. Glad you enjoyed the lecture. 28 pages of notes! You should never feel intimidated to write up thoughts about a lecture. You can never get anything “wrong” – it’s all about how you interpret it and link it to your own thoughts and ideas. That’s what we’re interested in! And if anything’s not clear, then you should let us know. And I’m sure you’re a very good human!

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