Bomb Project

During the uni open day, where lots of young hopefuls roam around looking at things pretending to look interested; we, as current students, were required to lead by example and show ourselves in our most industrious of states. To ‘sell’ the uni we were encouraged to speak to the young undergraduates and tell them about our experiences as well as wow them with out ‘Bomb Project’ which was spread across Jewellery, ID and textiles students; The brief was to use A4 white paper o create a form/structure or installation/intervention within a space. We were told to look into how other artists manipulate, fold, glue, cut or tape paper and make something which transposes it from it’s original plain and recognisable 2D form. This I found completely pointless.. Asking all craft design students to use paper rather than playing us to our strengths I thought was rather counter productive; if I were an undergraduate student visiting a perspective university choice to apply I would be encourages by watching students in their own particular field and flourishing! Jewellery makers running riot with blowtorches blow up amethysts; Textile students dying, sewing or knitting, sketching even!

Instead the young hopefuls were met with the glazed and dazed faces of the post-Halloween hung-over confusion, which can only be translated as:

‘What are we supposed to be doing’?

Met by the visitors glance of:

‘What’s this got to do with Textiles/Jewellery/ID?

HOWEVER! I did briefly have a lot of fun with this project.. It was good to finally do something 3D involving structure as opposed the mundane life of sitting in my isolated corner of the studio dying inside wishing I could be working on a garment… Something 3D… Something? That isn’t flat.. Simplistic… Repetitive… Generally under stimulating. This I feel is something I should discuss with my tutors however I feel I may be met with dragons fire breath if I mention anything to do with FASHION on my clearly TEXTILES course.

I digress.

The ‘Bomb Project’. I finally got to play with STRUCTURE! Hazzaaa!

Working with the foundation  idea of Cathy Carson and Wing Chan we developed the star pillar structures which were made in abundance over a long and strenuous day the idea of a city scape became apparent as the various sized structures were placed together in a small space.


With further changed to the front structures and more varying heights and circumferences of the pillars the idea was posed that the entire composition should be mounted with light in mind. As this project will be eventually marked as a photography project the idea of conveying the different contrasts and tones were always constant in our minds. The clumsy over-spill of light using a light box alone would have not been satisfactory, with the thought of competition in our brains and the reminder of our opponents progress evident we upped our game. Using black card/paper we would cut out the independent shapes of each pillar, after a long day previous I thought this idea was good but would be time consuming; a more efficient way would be to cut general circular shapes which we could stand shapes over. Smaller holes for spot lights.

During our developing ides we also debated as to how the holes should be cut; from the perspective of stability I suggested the holes should be cut with tabs as a type of support. One minor sneeze could have been the end of the whole composition.


We then compared the different light tones produced, the generic shape idea worked best for lighting thr base of each structure. -However! Cutting these circles into segments first made the whole cutting process a lot easier.


No light – Open hole -Structure support

After careful placement and a few last minute changes to size and strategic arranging we came to a happy overall placement.


Final thing we were to consider was colour and a way to show the city-scape-sky-line. In other words, black out the background and let our city sparkle!

The colour idea was posed that we should use crepe paper balls and drop them into each structure for a hint of light but the small subtle outcome was not satisfactory. We then discovered the colours that worked best were the BRIGHT colours when placed under the black base of each of the spotlights.


With a final outcome of….


Shortly after Star City was destroyed due to an imperative need to use THAT very light box. So I did not take any photos I would consider to be of a good standard. UNFORTUNATELY.

So Bomb project was a bust. -BOOM BOOM.


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