Never underestimate your nostalgic nose..

Driving home from class tonight I experienced waves of memories triggered by different smells. I consider myself to be useless at most things but have always credited myself with a keen sense of smell.

I love how a small sent can take you back in time, cut grass or frost being to most common reminders.

As we march bravely into the cradling mercy of winter, it is apparent more layers are needed. A great time of year to sport your finest scarves and hats, today I was wearing a purple scarf my dad bought me.. It smells, quite subtle, of someone I miss quite dearly. I love how a small sent of something can plunge you into thoughtful daydream memories. I began to think of all the different things I keep simply for smell; old perfume bottles, unused soap bars from over a decade ago, my brothers aftershave from 2000, t-shirts of people I miss and even a cling filmed shirt simply to retain its unique odour (I do not boil bunnies).

I have always been known for smelling nice and I’m beginning to wonder whether I subconsciously plan what I’ll smell like for particular company or to even go with what I’m wearing.. And the answer is yes?

Lush – Karma for my girlie days or for a particularly long day because it’s quite distinctive and hippy-ish.

Cartier – It’s a more adult fragrance, good for classy occasions and too strong for a casual all day sent.

Gucci Envy – Old favourite and Classic. Reminds me of year ago and good for any occasion.

Gucci Envy Me – Rare and floral, specifically reserved for special occasions and when I’m dressed to impress.

This idea can even be applied to my shower gels, I use them because they remind my of my first year in uni or my first flat.

So in conclusion, pay attention to how you smell, you’re making new memories.


2 responses to “Never underestimate your nostalgic nose..

  1. As the fellowship sat in the deep winding drafty tunnels of Moria without direction, Gandalf the Grey catches a familiar scent that rekindles old memories otherwise lost.
    Between August 2002 and Feb 2003 I’d been exposed to CS gas 3 times which burnt my sinuses out, I lost about 95% of that sense. I sometimes catch a faint bit of scent if its strong enough to get through but its usually objects or music that take me back into all my memories. A lot of sensory experiences can trigger memories or flashbacks which can sometimes be nice.

    • Finally my blog stalker speaks! You should start a blog and each post should be regailing some of your awesome stories. You won’t have as many as me but I’ll read them and comment! Rather than lurking in the backgroud as a nameless number 😛 x

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