Printing and inking while blinking

Working towards out assessments we took part in week blocks of intense workshops as a taster to our possible specialist areas. I’ve always kept and eye on printing because it’s wild and playful.. And you get to be messy and end up with truly stained hands πŸ™‚

Turner judged artists by how dirty a persons hands and finger nails were and believe that art is animalistic and you must get fingernail deep in paint to be an artist.. I love it, it’s how a live me life, head first, tongue out, work fast (to save getting attached because at any minute you could destroy your efforts by bravery tests).

Unfortunately during my print week I damaged my foot with a large metal drawer and was taken to hospital.. Ouch. Missed my print week because I was unable to stand so instead I got to do all my printing in my own time. Also got half a table all to myself..

Playing with disperse dyes, my own mixed acid dyes, and lots of other weird and wonderful colours.. Played with my exposed screen

With lots of masking techniques with stencils for bold dramatic structure or for emphasis on colours.

My key pages and themes were taken from my quilling development; creative my designs in a more illustrative way as opposed to abstract. I was also led by my early obsession with colours bleeding and blending which was a difficult task to pull off without looking as though I had just messed up a print. All colour schemes were taken from my Natural Pattern research…. More photos to follow πŸ™‚ x


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