Border Crossings – Stop Judging Others

After a spiffing start to the year I am trying to hit my stride as far as burying myself in work goes. A welcome distraction if only I could find a glimmer of the motivation I had when given the Border Crossings brief. My enthusiasm was prematurely stunted with bad feeling so perhaps the best way to deal with this is to create the project around it?
For this project we were told we were to define our own identities and how our culture has influenced us; if you are from Scotland or where you consider home. The idea of ‘home’ is an idea I would struggle with.. I have moved A LOT throughout my life making it difficult to connect with one place. Some would say this would benefit me in this project however it has become evident from last semesters project that I research too many different ideas which would make it difficult to chose and develop one idea.

What to chose?
What defines me?

This brief is to be split into three projects, I have come to understand it as; Project 1 : Who am I? Project 2 : Who am I within my culture? Project 3 : Looking at students research of Ljubljana culture and creating an outcome.

I began by, as suggested, mind mapping all the things that make me, me. I came up with all the obvious nonsense you learn to bore people in a foundation french class..

I like skiing, going to the cinema and la bibliothèque.. Blah.

It seems to me.. It doesn’t matter who I am, what appear to matter is what people think about me. Doesn’t matter if I am not aggressive or being defensive is just the way I am, I will forever be labelled as a bully rather than forth rite. I could say anything about myself but people have already made up their minds as to who I am. So. My aim for this project is to look into all these small aspects of my personality which lead people to these conclusions.

Body language,
..Are these aspects manufactured to ‘build a wall’?

Or am I all these things due to my ‘culture’, upbringing or simply a response to peoples behaviour which I perceive as unfair?

I intend to research all these different aspects and find appropriate ways of depicting how this ‘wall’ or this ‘vibe’ is projected.

It would be arrogant to assume this project will make a fraction of a difference as to how people perceive and behave around others. Maybe it will at least remind people that not everyone thinks life is peachy, if someone is not bright and shiny -not to take it as a personal attack.

Can anyone think of an interesting way of depicting bad feeling? I think the key word I’m looking at is Emanating.



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