Border Crossings Module – Break Down

Hello WordPress, it’s been a long time. From the beginning of the second semester we started the Border Crossings module which is split into three parts;

Project 1, Study yourself – I’m a miserable git.

Project 2, Study your culture – Surrounded by drunks

Project 3, Study someone elses Culture with the same techniques used when discovering your own – Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Since I’ve been neglecting my poor wee blog I thought I’d update with what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been so busy. During the start of this project I was ill and missed a weeks worth of work but luckily I’d done quite a bit before hand. I struggled with what I could draw that would define me? I am a rather feathered brained character with a short attention span. So I began by doodling anything and everything I could think of and doodled around them as a way of connecting the images. This made me think how things react off others or ’emanate’; I was interested by how distorted the lines became and the strange shapes formed and the borders.

A few initial sketches and a couple of mixed media fabric samples of my lizards scales.

Beginning to play with lines emanating from different aspects of me.

While playing with this idea of emanating line I was reminded of Pop + Op art design of the 60’s as a way of putting these sketches into context, I also was interested in looking at modern graffiti murals; this would be an excellent way of combining all aspects of Scottish culture I would come across in project 2.


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