Driven Mad with Ambition

From the beginning of the Border Crossing Module I wanted to remove myself from any comfort zone and attempt something different. I love illustration and it is a main element of Textiles however not usually expressed in a literal sense; usually quite abstract. In a way it almost creates a new definition of what the design was based on; to study architecture and your drawings or samples only holding a small element of the original body of research.

My aim was the same; to not focus on subject matter but to create something fresh, clear and ambitious. It’s far too easy to do something and claim you meant to if it was just a happy accident; I wanted from the beginning, something STRUCTURED which would reflect the importance of line and repetition found in my secondary research.

From my last two inspirational little sketches I realised how difficult my task was to even draw out ideas! Not even considering how hard it would be to print!

Considering composition; every face an element and mood of my interpretation of Scotland. This was just getting into the swing of what I wanted to do, to see what lines I could find and use or what not to do. This was one of my first but I consider this one as important as this was the first drawing my ‘Pride’ face had developed horns. Giving birth to the nicknamed ‘Devil guy’.

A more refined study with the introduction of eyes and cogs; I wondered how I could print this as a pattern? Rather than just a mural or a fixed splodge pattern for a t-shirt.. How could I repeat this?

The Cogs set me off on an idea of cogs in your brain, how you think. This project was all about how your culture influences YOU. Therefore all of these elements I was researching and sketching must be in my head.. An Epiphany!

Project all of these aspects within a silhouette. To save time and effort I thought before I finish my detailed piece I could represent faces with this cog idea and see how the different layers print!

This also gave my an excuse to play with the dyes I had mixed. My colours were influences by different tartans from different clan’s across Scotland as well as the Pantone blue of the Scottish flag which had been so heavily laboured on us from our lecturers. I quickly dropped the green but loved the caption red amongst my 3 turquoise blues. This would also make a great final idea, obviously if it was lined up properly, as a uniform homage to 60’s Pop art.

After playing around and finally getting into the print lab I was motivated more than ever to get my design finished so I could print! I was influenced by my small head prints by one aspect alone, SCALE.

I had been working rather large which made the idea of pattern difficult, so I stepped back to have a better look.. If the subject matter was smaller it would be more difficult to distinguish unless you know it was there and from a distance you would only see overall pattern! Another eureka moment.

Smaller images more line and hidden detail as an overlay of my silhouette to get a better idea..

But then..

Ambition Struck.

I could make a repeated pattern and connect my emanating lines right?

It would have been a lot easier to do on a computer but after hours of tracing and back breaking work I finished my DIAMOND BLOCK PATTERN!!!

Each line tailored to fit into itself.

Why a diamond block and not a square? – Because I was driven crazy with ambition.. It could have been a square but where was the fun in that?

Why wasn’t it a perfect square on a point? – Where’s the fun in that?

My biggest problem was lining everything up and to make matters even more difficult for myself I had an underlay block as well which would have to lin up perfectly with the detail lining.

This was my scanned design printed onto paper and fitted together to see how it would look.

 Bottom left corner is the under lay block for a lighter colour.

Difficulties printing? Oh aye.


2 responses to “Driven Mad with Ambition

  1. Watching how you can create something like this out of nothing but an idea is amazing. To not only have the idea but then also the talent to be able to physically produce it is overwhelming to a person with zero artistic talent haha

    • Aww thank you, but this blog is a little out of date. Just started a new project and will hopefully starting up my own ski apparel business soon! I found your blog through a skiing tag 🙂

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