Project 2 cont. – Doodle Madness

The importance of line?

Looking into artists like Milton Glaser and other Pop + OP artists shaping the world of textiles/fashion during the 60’s I loved the idea of uniform structure and intricate pattern to achieve the desired Optical Illusion (which gives OP art its name). I also looked into several street artist such as Nathan Bowen with his intense use of line to express mood and intensity.

– I also looked into the importance of composition and ‘fit’ of street murals; what they were made of and how they were organised.

All wonderful aspects that this mere mortal in a half assed fashion couldn’t quite muster.

So I started playing around with one line drawings, how to create the illusion of 3D in monochrome or the inverted use of colour to depict shade.

Apparently don’t have many photos of the later things in my sketchbook which were more appropriate to my theme.. I’m sure you get the jist. I was more interested in how to tie any of my images together and manipulate the thickness of line to steal focus from the figures

– Making the design more about Pattern than Subject Matter.

From these two small sketches I found my way and I was ignited with inspiration and motivation as it was clear what the rest of my project would lead towards. Reintroducing my emanating lines my composition was a collaboration of Pop Art and Modern Street Art.


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