Project 2 – Scottish Culture

Project 2 started with a BOOM of inspiration; after having a conversation with Texan student about what they knew or wanted to know about Scotland it was clear people seemed to be aiming for a Scotland the Brave theme.. I wanted to, not show it in a bad light, show Scotland in a realistic light. I aimed to highlight all negative aspects of Scotland from drinking, violence, obesity towards other traits which could also be deemed as negative like pride.

I began my research by looking at how all these things could be depicted; as my underlying idea was to not do anything obvious.. How could I convey all these different points without drawing a bottle of Buckfast?

So I began by drawing a bottle of buckfast. Boom Boom.

This character emerged while I was thinking of what the hangover does to you.. Then I refered to my earlier blog post about how easily people are influenced by body language and change of facial expression; negative, positive or indifferent.

From this I found myself drawing distorted portraits to show difficult expression -not just happy and sad. I was seeking a challenge! How do you depict Pride? Indifference? Discontentment? obesity?

Here’s what I came up with..



Faceless ill-health

From this I went onto looking at Secondary research and the importance of line within graffiti and Pop + OP art.. How I could translate these images into a more ‘textile friendly’ way.


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