Can’t sleep? Proof Read.

I have had this blog for quite some time now and I am fully aware of what it contains;

Spelling errors,
Grammatical errors,
Typing errors,
And general neglect.

This evening I have been struggling to get to sleep and one way to aid myself to a cringe worthy sleep is to read one of my own typed digital-verbal-diarrhoea.. And deary me.

So many people have tried to pull me up about proof reading and I am such a lazy being; after I’ve written something and done a basic spell check I lose all interest.
Bigger fool me, however I’ve noticed the greater amount of mistakes found in my typed blogs and usually because my hands aren’t warmed up – causing clumsy mistakes. Blog posts I have composed on my phone seem to be less drivel.

Graded Fury 2000+ words composed on my phone, did I wanna proof read a rant? Nope, I wanted to put the coffee down and move on with my day.

So! A couple of people recently mentioned my Christmas blog post and I was curious to see what it said… Oh dear. Clearly written in the moment as a vent, and apparently I revealed more than I should have. So to make a point, I want to write about last Christmas 2011/12.

And here it is:

It. Was. Awesome. 🙂

I spent my christmas with my sister Gemma, she read my Christmas post and gave me the best Christmas I’ve ever had.

Gem and I had a ham which was too big for it’s pot. BOOM!

New year? Meh. There’s always next year.

As for the rest of my posts and mistakes.. It’s not like anyone wants to re-read them. Anyone who was going to read my blog already has.

But thanks for reading anyway 😀 x

P.s. I have a secret to tell.. I’m not gonna proof read this one either.


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