Lost in the woods..

One of the best ways I know to find some inspiration  is to get lost and have an adventure with some good music to create an atmosphere  -anything can look different with a sinister guitar riff. During my first week of my course we were to take a trip to Edinburgh Botanics to gather research for our design brief of ‘Natural Pattern’. If there is one thing I hate to do and that’s follow the crowd or chose the easy route, so straight from the off floral pattern was OUT! So rather than drawing lots of pretty flowers, I photographed of a few for colour and for a pretty picture or two.

After eventually ‘getting my eye in’ to discover the interesting rather than the obvious I was led off the path and to the out of bounds areas to the less well kept plants. I became obsessed with complicated spinal structure as well as decay and weathering.

After a nice wee bit of camera faffing I also got a few cracking shots to show how you can make even the most beautiful of things dark and creepy.

 During my time lost in the woods, gracefully tripping over misplaced logs and low hanging grabby branches wrecking my quiff, I stopped to look for a four leaf clover.. And it made me think about competition for light in the undergrowth of tree canopies… then I began to ponder natural selection and what such hardy wee things plants are.

So to be honest, other than a few pretty photos the whole day was a bit of a bust on the inspirational front. To me there is big difference between what’s pretty and what I consider as investigation or ‘Space filler’. I did come away with some small delicate sketches, mostly fountain pen on water colour, Nothing too precious but effective in conveying the delicate structures, twists and seams.

I am now off to have a look at my sketchbook and plan some secondary research; how natural patterns influence contemporary fashion designers and how it’s influenced artists in the past. I will also be trying to further develop my ideas into a more fitting theme. Probably going to follow the weathered, spine and Natural selection ideas.

-Anything but splodges on a page!


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