Throughout the last three weeks we have been participating in various workshops throughout the university. Our first workshop was photography, a personal favourite of mine and independent hobby. We were introduced to the studios and all the equipment as well as the store to reserve camera’s and other various equipment. My usual annoyance with photography is my camera, I have a canon rebel xti 350D.. A camera everyone seems to own -which apparently automatically makes them photographers, this is not the case -It’s experience and how you use it! Even further to my disgust are the people who have the upgrade of my SLR and use the AUTO setting.

This makes my brain hurt with frustration.

The studio, equipment and lecturer himself were very impressive which made the workshop enjoyable despite the basic introduction into photography. He explained how to use an SLR very well for people who didn’t understand how to use a manual function however, it would have been a lot easier to say just fiddle with the settings until you get a good image to your liking..

Knit workshop
I have never been very interested in knit unless it relates to a project I am working on, even then it has always been basic  – using needles. From the outset I was intimidated by the prospect of a bed of 200 tiny needles, I’m not very dextrous at the   times. Rebecca the lecturer was very thorough with describing how the different positions worked and how to attach the syncopator etc.
Casting on was a hassle for first thing in the morning and I’m sure still quite tricky at any time of day. I found it quite and enjoyable experience and fun to play with, as I said I am not much of a knit person but I will be making an effort to create some knit samples, broaden my textile horizons as not to limit myself to what I feel comfortable with. We were taught different stitches and also how to use different yarns to make stripes, tucks and small purposeful holes.

<insert image here>

Print workshop
intimidating as mixing potentially dangerous chemicals first think in the morning sounds? It was moderately simple. I can image the only area I would struggle is finding the printing lab. We were introduced to how to make different dyes for different fabrics as well as recipes and quantities (the idea of percentages was laboured as more difficult than it is for some reason). I look forward to having the opportunity to utilise what I have learned.

Heat Press & Felt Making
Felt making I have already done before on previous projects but I was interested in the different methods employing the use of a washing machine as opposed to manually rolling the felt between two sheets of chiffon.

I included a yarn pattern over the top of my felt base – to relate to my theme I created a developed spine and pelvis design for quickness.

Apologies for photo quality all images were taken from my phone.


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